Friday, July 20, 2018

Inside Out based on my emotions

Sometimes it’s hard for me to express joy out of all my emotions due to the fact that it’s not that I’m not happy but sometimes my mind wonders out, to much daydreaming for me. Sometimes I cannot concentrate cause something is always in my mind. Sometimes I can have a good time but my expression shows sadness for some reason.

Sometimes my expressions cause me trouble because people confuse when I’m tired then when I am mad. According to my girlfriend I make the same face. After school i'll be driving my girlfriend home and all of the sudden I hear “Are you mad?” I was like no I’m just tired I have to reassure her like five times that I am not mad. Then I get upset cause she never got the point that I was just tired.

The five basic emotions would be, anger like I said before people think that I’m mad when I am just tired, sadness is always around for some reason I think my brain is being manage by blue most of the time, joy is hard for me to show it I don’t know why, Fear I show it like I’m angry I get mad when I am afraid, discus is the last one that emotion does not let me eat seafood.

I still have a long way managing my anger, I come a long way since I got out of high school back then I would let any other thing set my anger on fire. Unfortunately that was only way I knew how to handle conflict. I stop seeing my mom’s soap operas and that have help me a lot.

Anger usually fire up when there was a power play in the house hold, when the dad tried to get the daughter, Riley to eat the broccoli since the dad is being manage by the anger emotion it cause a spiral to occur in-between both of them.