Monday, July 27, 2020

Dating and Religion

This is something that I have been dealing with lately. I have been told that your dating relationship should glorify God and there are some boundaries that God gives his people.
  Spiritual  Relationship Principle  
  • Be considerate of one another. Do not be a stumbling block 1 corinthians 10:32-33
  • Go on dates with doubles; home before midnight; Dress appropriately
  • Be absolutely pure -Ephesians 5:3/ 1 Timothy 5:2 
  • Get Advice- Proverbs 19:2/19:20   
  Here is something that I want you to think about this as you are reading this most person with a disability get help from the government so along with that comes some guidelines that we have to adhere to when working in order to keep out finical and health befits giving to us by the government. Now I know most of you know but if you don't I am a woman who is physically disabled. I have been disabled my whole life. I have always believed and still do believe in God. I am currently in a dating relationship with a man who is also physically disabled. Now you all are wondering why am mentioning this?  Before I have people commenting and saying that there is no exception to what parts of God's instructions I as his daughter shouldn't follow. I want you all to keep in mind that no two walks with God would look the same. Now for those of you who don't have anyone in your life with a physical disability life can be more challenging. I have been blessed in the sense that I am mentally able to learn and think for myself and the same for my boyfriend.  Now to give you a bit a background Me and my boyfriend meet in college, we dated one year and then took a break for a year because he wanted to grow spiritually which happen in 2017 Then a year later he decides to ask me to be his girlfriend again in 2018. We have now been disciples for three years and we have been dating while being followers of Jesus for two years. I have the desire to someday be married.    
What  I struggle with when it comes to my faith and my dating relationship is that I have been told by other believers is that before my dating relationship moves to the next stages is that there needs to be finical stability which I understand why is said but I also wish the actual reality of what my life is like is taking into account. It is a challenge to get employed but, that doesn't mean that I stop looking for a job. I have been told that I am not able to drive so that means that I would have to use public transportation to get around. I wonder how is that someone who has a physical disability gets finical stable. when we are looked we are atomically judged just on our physical appearance and not given a chance to showcase our skills?

Elizabeth Rodriguez 

    I three years as a disciple, for some people it may seem that is a long time but I still feel quite new at this lifestyle. I choose it because God has been there for me ever since I can remember, at times I feel that he extended my lifespan cause at the time I feel that I'm not supposed to be here in this world anymore, however, managing my relationship with God and with my girlfriend its been challenging due to the fact that we both have an idea on how to do our walk with God a different way. For a while now we have been struggling to be in an agreement with that. I know that she wants to marry me but I just feel that due to our position in the workforce it would be challenging. I know some women don't care about the financial things but its all said and done when one day we are both sitting in the table and there's no food on it or a roof over us. It is scary to be responsible for another person's well being when one is struggling to take care of oneself. I know that I may be contradicting my self a bit cause God suppose to take care of me and Liz, I'm supposed to trust in God, but the feeling is still there. I sure have things to think about and stuff to consider but I just pray that God will help me make the best decision for me.

 Pedro Escalera