Tuesday, August 6, 2019


It has been a roller coaster in my dating relationship. I try my best to be supportive and loving. I sometimes wonder what did I do wrong? I just want to see my partner happy. It is hard for me to sit back and notice the pain and not do anything about it.

  As it is some people can be harsh I would just wish that the working world would be open to giving those of us who have disabilities a chance at making a better life for ourselves. I am fully aware that everyone is different but for myself and my boyfriend we did not go to the university just for fun, For those of you who read this are probably are thinking what have they done to gain their independence we have asked for help of a job placement agency.  We are putting in applications on a daily bases.
It becomes discouraging when we have applied and we aren't getting any callbacks. 

This is becoming a real struggle for us. I think it is having a negative effect on his self-esteem because I have noticed changes in him that worry me. I have thought about us maybe starting our own business but I would hope that he would be open to that idea.

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