Friday, April 2, 2021

Mental health is something that should be talked about openly. I am well aware that in most communities there is a stigma surrounding mental health. 

As many of you know that I have battled with my mental health for a while now. Just last month I reached out to my healthcare insurance to seek more help for myself because I felt that I needed more help than just medication. 

I have been speaking with a psychologist for the past weeks. I have learned that the people in my life affect my mental health. 

What  I would like people in my life, family, and friends to understand is that what happens in my relationship with each and everyone affects me mentally. I am sure that I don't need to mention that as a human race we are social creatures. 

Those of you that don't understand I am a person that enjoys being around others and when it comes to a romantic dating relationship you would that that I would shy away from dating because of what I witness between or because of my disability, NEWS FLASH!!! we all deserve to be HAPPY.  

One thing that I have just learn with in the last two days is that if you are the only one working on your friendship or relationship you have to ask yourself if the other person wants and is showing interest in you and your life if the answer is no then its time to let go.

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