Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Update From Elizabeth

We haven't really written much lately. I say we because, for those of you who haven't read anything before this, this is a blog that my boyfriend write on because we thought this is something we can bond over.
    This is a way for me to work through my trials and also to maybe help others that come across something similar that I express in this blog or anything I write.

  Now I am a woman with a disability but I find ways to push past that title and show everyone that I am more than that. I have my high school diploma and an associate's and bachelor's degree. This past year has been tough for everyone. My faith in God keeps me grounded now am not perfect by any means. There are a few things I want to clear up just because I do have struggles but I don't let those stop me. I am grateful for those who have shown me love and helped me when was not strong enough to help myself.

    I will say that don't let others limit you. I know as a young adult I was told things like " you won't be able to get an degree" It was not easy but I accomplished it. If you read my post on mental health that is my daily battle but I do get help for my mental health NEVER let social or family feel like seeking help is a bad thing. I said that because I come to form a Mexican Amermica family so I know what it's like.